Before coming to HFH Summer Camps, most HFH campers have never left New York City, and many have never experienced the wonder and excitement of nature first hand. Most campers have never fished, sat around a campfire, or learned how to swim. HFH Summer Camps offer a welcome opportunity for children experiencing homelessness to escape the stresses of everyday life, and to engage in fun, healthy and educational activities.

Each summer, three sessions are offered at HFH Summer Camps. These camps sessions offer participants a level of routine, safety, and stability that most of them have never before experienced, as the chaos of changing homes and schools repeatedly can give children experiencing homelessness the impression that their lives will always be in transition. They arrive at camp and suddenly they have a set schedule; there is wake-up time, time for reading, and mealtime. Our campers learn to enjoy their daily routines and to eagerly anticipate their favorite activities.

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