Campers arrived at Camp Wakonda and were greeted by excited staff. The campers mingled and got to know one another (or reconnected!) as they participated in arts & crafts and outdoor activities.

After breakfast, campers do 15 minutes of “community service” where they work together to clean up and maintain the campgrounds. This morning, the boys were assigned plant watering.

The campers took a hike to Twin Lakes Regional Nature Museum where they learned about the wildlife that they are sharing the surrounding nature with for the week. They loved to look for the animals in their tanks.

Swimming in the lake was a favorite all around. The groups practiced their swimming skills and learned new ones before having free time in the water.

The campers rotate through various activity stations. One of these is “Nature” where they took a hike with the Nature Specialist Brianna. They used binoculars to identify wildlife and different plants. The girls were thrilled to come across a wild blueberry bush!

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