Laura Henrich, director of Camp Lanowa, has been a director with HFH Summer Camps for over 20 years! She is a legend in the camp world and has been instrumental to the success of our Summer Camps program and (of course) always ensures that the kids and staff have the best time at camp.

Laura has been with HFH Summer Camps since the beginning. She served as director of Camp Lanowa when it was run by Pathways for Youth, the organization that operated the site before HFH Summer Camps. In 1989, HFH Summer Camps began running Camp Lanowa in partnership with Pathways, and in 1992, when HFH Summer Camps became the sole operator of the site, Laura stayed on as director. She has been with HFH Summer Camps ever since.

Her camp career began in 1977 at Camp Oh-Neh-Tah, where she was a counselor. Laura’s favorite thing to do at camp is outdoor cooking—preparing food over a wood fire. She loves having the opportunity to teach campers things they could never learn in the city, like how to make a cake inside an orange! During the school year, when she’s not busy searching out the next great set of HFH Summer Camp counselors, Laura serves as Athletics Director of The Churchill School, a private K-12 school in Manhattan.

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