MICHELLEDANA SHAFRAN — Director, Camp Wakonda

Michelledana began camping at the age of six, attending her first overnight camp at the age of 13. She would spend 11 consecutive summers at that same camp. Throughout the years, Michelledana attended various camps, working her way up the ranks– from Camper, to Counselor in Training, to General Counselor, to Program Specialist, to Unit Leader, to YMCA Day Camp Director. Her time at camp strengthened her confidence, enriched her social skills, fostered independence, and created a safe place for her to connect with nature and make lifelong friends. In addition to her love for all things camp, Michelledana has a love for art, dance, and yoga. She is a certified Yoga teacher, and has a Masters degree in Dance/Movement Therapy. Michelledana is extremely excited to join the team at Camp Wakonda, and looks forward to providing each camper with the opportunity to experience all the wonders and joys of camp.

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